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Configuration status command (CF)

The configuration command triggers a report that gives the values of all the Cricket parameters. An example of the output of this command, with explanations on the side, is shown below.
Example (get configuration):
G CF<return>
Cricket configuration:
Software version: 2.0                       // Cricket software version
Mode: Listener                              // Running mode (Listener/Beacon)
Unique id: 1:c8:6a:b3:a:0:0:dc              // Unique Cricket ID
Space id: MIT-6                             // User-defined space ID
Uptime: 16:32:14                            // Uptime of Cricket from last power cycle (hh:mm:ss)
Ultrasound attenuation time(us): 45000      // Time Cricket should wait for the ultrasound to attenuate
Timer Offset(us): 550                       // Offset to compensate for software processing time
Minimum beacon interval(ms): 668            // Minimum wait time between beacon messages
Maximum beacon interval(ms): 1332           // Maximum wait time between beacon messages 
Average beacon interval(ms): 1000           // Average interval between beacon messages
Compensation value(us): 48                  // Time in us that one bit takes to travel over the Cricket radio
Distance Units: Metric                      // Units used to display the distance measurement (DB)
Local temperature value (Celsius): disabled // Temperature from the onboard sensor
Speed of sound value(m/s): not used         // Speed of sound calculated based on the temperature
Test switch status: On                      // Position of the test switch on the Cricket
Event output format: 3                      // Event reporting format
Output variable(s): VR ID DB DR SP TM TS    // Variables output (configurable using the CO command)

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Michel Goraczko 2004-12-02