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Get/Put the minimum and maximum beacon interval time (SL)

The minimum and maximum sleep times between beacon chirps can be set using the SL command. The valid range for the minimum value is 200 to 65536 ms and the maximum value needs to be higher than the minimum by at least twice the attenuation time of the ultrasound (45 ms), but cannot exceed 65536 ms. The average beacon chirp interval depends on the minimum and maximum values, because the sleep time is randomly chosen to be in this range.

Example (set the interval to minimum of 500 ms and a maximum of 1500 ms):
P SL 500 1500<return>
SL 500 1500
The average sleep time in this example is (500 + 1500) / 2 = 1000 ms.

Michel Goraczko 2004-12-02