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Get the beacon listing (LS)

The listing command lists all beacons heard (up to a maximum of 15 beacons) in the past 15 seconds and the last 5 distances measured for each of these beacons. Each output line reports the unique ID of the beacon heard and the last 5 distance measurement received for that beacon.
LS 0: 1:f2:66:b3:a:0:0:df 165 165 169 175 180
LS 1: 2:f2:32:67:a:0:0:45 40 40 40 40 40
LS 2: a:62:0:b3:a:0:0:21 17 16 15 12 10
Note: Currently only the ID and the distances are reported. The distances reported are in the units set by the UN command (Section 2.2.20).

Michel Goraczko 2004-12-02