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Compiling Clientlib

The Clientlib is part of CricketDaemon. A precompiled binary (cricketdaemon.jar) is located in


You may modify the CricketDaemon source code for your own experimentation. To compile CricketDaemon, do:

cd src/cricketdaemon
make clean

You should change the ROOT parameter to point to the location of the Cricket software package. Also, change the SEP parameter as instructed in the Makefile. The compiled cricketdaemon.jar binary will be located in the bin directory.

By default the scripts in our software package uses the binaries and configuration files (beacons.conf) contained in the BeaconConfigDemo directory. Be sure to copy the cricketdaemon.jar binary from the bin directory to the BeaconConfigDemo directory.

Michel Goraczko 2004-12-02