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Compiling ClientlibExample

The ClientlibExample application includes a Makefile to compile the source code. Before compiling, modify the ROOT and SEP variables as instructed in the Makefile. The binary will be located in


The most important detail in compiling a Java Cricket application is to include the cricketdaemon.jar in your classpath. You can find this file in


In addition, you may find the gnu.getopt.jar file in the lib directory if the package is used to process command line arguments.

For example, you may compile ClientlibExample by

cd src/app/clientlibexample
export CD="../../../NMSDemo/2004/BeaconConfigDemo/cricketdaemon.jar"
export GO="../../../lib/gnu.getopt.jar"
javac -classpath "$CD:$GO" *.java

Then, create a jar file by

cd src/app
jar cvf clientlibexample.jar clientlibexample/*.class
mv clientlibexample.jar clientlibexample

Michel Goraczko 2004-12-02