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cricketd is a daemon used to access the command interface over the network. cricketd binds to port 2948 and can be accessed using telnet (or another TCP application) by connecting to port 2948 on the machine running cricketd (connect to port 2948 on localhost if cricketd runs on the same machine).

	# telnet <IP address of the machine running cricketd> 2948

When connected, the API can be used the same way as with HyperTerminal or minicom. cricketd supports multiple TCP clients and can provide location information to more than one application.

After connecting to cricketd, type ``r'' in the console (or send the ASCII character ``r'' over the TCP connection) to tell cricketd to start and stop sending the data flow to the console (or TCP connection). This command does not affect other connected clients.


Michel Goraczko 2004-12-02