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Running cricketd:

First, make sure you are running with root/administrator privileges.

./cricketd -h gives the listing of command line options.

./cricketd -p $<$SERIAL_PORT$>$ -s 115200 runs cricketd. SERIAL_PORT is usually /dev/ttyS0 in Linux or cygwin when the Cricket unit is connected to the serial port, /dev/ttyS3 when the Cricket is connected using a USB-to-serial converter, and /dev/ttySA0 on iPAQ handhelds. Note that in version 1.5 and later of cygwin, /dev/ttyS0 is used in place of COM1.

The above settings are not authoritative, however. Please consult your local system administrator if you need help in finding the correct serial port device.

Michel Goraczko 2004-12-02